How to get to ... mangal Hostel from Dibulla,

Santa Marta, Minca or Riohacha ?



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Calle 3 #4-51 Dibulla 

446001 Dibulla, Colombia 

This is the official address.

However here, drivers and taxis do not seem to know road numbers. Help them and tell the street of :


The cemetery, in front of Marulanda house


Marulanda is my neighbour and everyone knows him.



In Riohacha, go to :

4 vias

There will be taxis to share for Dibulla,

taking you straight to the hostel.

4 vias - Dibulla

Around 12.000 COP

1 hour

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From downtown Santa Marta :

you can get a bus in the Market (Mercado público) to Palomino. 

From Palomino, get a shared taxi to Mingueo, and then a shared taxi to Dibulla, direct to Mangal Hostel.

Market - Palomino :

bus is around 12.000 COP (2 hours)

Palomino - Mingueo :

taxi is around 5.000 COP (30 min)

Mingueo - Dibulla / Mangal :

taxi is around 5.000 COP (10 min)


From Mamatoco, near Santa Marta / Minca:


Mamatoco, a roundabout, is the best place where to get a bus to Riohacha.

Dibulla is on the way to Riohacha.

Mamatoco - Dibulla :

bus is around 15.000 COP (2 hours)

You are almost there !

Ask the driver to stop at the entrance of Dibulla. The entrance is called : 

Casa aluminio. From the entrance of Dibulla, take a moto or a shared taxi.

Entrance - Mangal Hostel :

taxi is around 4.000 COP (10 min)



There is a big travel bus :

Espresso Brasilia (terminal de transporte)

going from Barranquilla to Riohacha.

The bus station is far, near the airport.

Dibulla is on the road to Riohacha.

Barranquilla - Dibulla

Around 30.000 COP

Around 5 hours

There is a second option with

private bus : Berlinas or Marsol.

They are leaving from down town Barranquilla and with departures every 20 minutes.

 They are going to Palomino,

then get a shared taxi to Dibulla.

(for more details, see sections above)

Barranquilla - Palomino

Around 40.000 COP

Around 3 hours




The faster way is to take a private bus with Berlinas or Marsol to Palomino,

then get a shared taxi to Dibulla.

(for more details, see sections above)

Cartagena - Palomino

Around 50.000 COP

Around 5 hours

If you are a low budget traveler

or/and if you like to take your time,

there are also "public" bus

going from Cartagena to

Riohacha for a lower price.

Then again, ask the driver to

stop to Dibulla on the road.

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Calle 3 #4-51,

446001 Dibulla, Colombia

mangal Hostel

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